Ruth Langsford explains all about sharing THAT rude photo

The presenter admitted "feeling sick" when she realised what she had shared

Ruth Langsford sent social media into meltdown after sharing what she thought to be an innocent Mother’s Day post on Twitter.

But what the star didn’t realise was that she shared a rude photo too – completely unintentionally, of course.

The 57-year-old posted a screenshot of her camera roll which included a meme of a woman holding a man’s private regions over her face as she impersonated a cartoon character.

Yep, someone did actually do that.

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But fans were wondering what it was doing on Ruth’s phone.

During Tuesday’s show of Loose Women Ruth opened up about the embarrassing mistake.

She said: “I didn’t know that when people send you some of these racy, saucy little pictures that go round, they get saved to your camera roll.”

The This Morning host added: “I posted the picture saying Happy Mother’s Day everybody and I didn’t know until I came in here.

“I blame the girlfriend who sends me those rude things, you know who you are.”

As Ruth’s hilarious blunder circled the net the star admitted her “stomach dropped” adding: “I couldn’t believe it, on Mother’s Day.

“Social media is quite scary, when they told me I felt sick.”

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Fans found the whole incident hilarious with one tweeting: “@RuthieeL there’s a few rude pics in ur photo stream like the penis in the shoe….and this…ur my fav ever.”

And fans weren’t the only ones amused.

Ruth’s hubby Eamonn Holmes and her son found it funny too.

Ruth said: “I thought he’d be embarrassed but apparently I’m on some website now, so I’m trendy, they all thought it was hilarious.”

As Ruth shared the photo with her co-stars panellist Gloria Hunniford asked: “Was that Eamonn’s little johnny?”

To which Ruth replied: “Don’t say little!”

Oh, Gloria.