Royally stitched up! Phillip Schofield put in his place by Prince

Haha, it's time someone put the cheeky host back in his box

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Phillip Schofield got a taste of his own medicine…

The cheeky This Morning host got owned by none other than Prince Philip!

To mark the Diamond Jubilee of the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award, the pair of Phil’s took part in a one-hour ITV documentary about what the Prince goes behind the scenes.

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The Queen’s husband couldn’t help but take the mickey out of the television presenter and it was marvellous to watch!

At one point, Schofield revealed that he was going to take part in a wing walk to raise some cash for the Duck of Edinburgh’s Award but the Royal didn’t seem impressed at all.

He quickly hit back saying: “Who is trying to get rid of you?”

The two of them later had a bit of a heart-to-heart, the 95-year-old refused to entertain the TV star when he was asked to answer a particularly obvious question.

“What am I supposed to say?”, he said.

He’s a difficult one to crack!

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Little Britain actor David Walliams also spoke out about his hilarious experiences with the Duke.

“It was the year that I swam the Channel and he asked, ‘Is this the nut who swam the channel?'”, the Britain’s Got Talent judge said.

“And he went, to my mum, ‘Any more nuts in your family?’ To which my mum said, ‘No, just the one Prince Philip,’ as he walked out the door.”

At another official event, he said: “You’re going to see the world’s most experienced plaque unveiler at work.”

It was also revealed in the documentary that the secret to the long and happy marriage of the Queen and her husband is laughter.

The Countess of Wessex gave a rare insight into the royal couple’s relationship when she said: “For her to have found somebody like him, I don’t think she could have chosen better.

“And they make each other laugh – which is, you know, it’s half the battle, isn’t it?”

She said: “He’s been a fantastic life partner for her.”

The one-hour special, When Phillip Met Prince Philip: 60 Years Of The Duke Of Edinburgh’s Award, is on tonight at 9pm on ITV.

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