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Roxanne Pallett responds to backlash from former Emmerdale co-stars

She accused Ryan Thomas of 'punching' her in Celebrity Big Brother

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Roxanne Pallett has addressed the barrage of criticism she’s received from former Emmerdale co-stars after accusing Ryan Thomas of ‘punching’ her.

A stream of soap stars have slammed Roxanne in the wake of her allegation that Ryan was violent towards her during what appeared to be a play fight in the Celebrity Big Brother house.

Around twenty Emmerdale stars have publicly denounced Roxanne and taken Ryan’s side.

Among them are Kelvin Fletcher (Andy Sugden), Charley Webb (Debbie Dingle), Danny Miller (Aaron Dingle) and Hayley Tamaddon (Del Dingle).

Roxanne apologised to Ryan on Jeremy Vine’s show (Credit: Channel 5)

Roxanne, who played Jo Sugden in Emmerdale between 2005 and 2008, appeared on Monday’s Jeremy Vine on Channel 5 to publicly apologise to Ryan, 34, and admit she “got it wrong” with her accusation.

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During the interview, Jeremy pointed out: “It’s interesting in today’s papers that you’re getting attacked by co-stars who have worked with you in the past.

“Is there some sort of history there we should be aware of?”

Ryan was in tears following the accusation (Credit: Channel 5)

Roxanne replied: “I think we all make friends and enemies along the way in life and jobs and unfortunately when you make mistakes, there are a lot of people who want to contribute to the backlash.”

She was then asked whether her own experience of being in an abusive relationship meant she got “nervous” when someone play fought around her.

“There have been instances in my career and life where I’ve spoken up immediately. I’ve become that person that, at the first initial sign of danger or upset, I will absolutely highlight it,” said Roxanne.

“I’ve spoken to young girls with Women’s Aid in the past and educated them about speaking up if they feel uncomfortable. But I went too far this time.”

Roxanne’s interview came after a string of Emmerdale castmembers publicly spoke out against her.

Roxanne used the interview to publicly apologise to Ryan, his loved ones, fans and viewers for making the accusation.

“I massively apologise to not just Ryan, but his family, his friends, his fans and every single person that watched that and completely and justifiably saw an overreaction to what wasn’t a malicious act,” she said.

“I can’t apologise enough to Ryan and everybody attached to him.

“I hope people can forgive me and Ryan can forgive me in time.

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“In that moment, because I am sensitive and I was emotional I mistook what was playful. And he did apologise for it and say his ring caught me. It was the word ‘deliberate’ that I regret. Because I doubted his intention and there was no malicious intent behind that.

“And that’s what I apologise for. I shouldn’t have questioned his motivation. I got it wrong.

“Looking back I absolutely overreacted and I got it wrong.”

Roxanne Pallett
Roxanne alleged Ryan had ‘punched’ her repeatedly (Credit: Channel 5)

She also said of the suggestion she’d ‘made a mockery’ of domestic violence: “I understand that view and agree fully with every single person who was outraged by my reaction. I have been a victim of domestic violence years ago. I have worked with Women’s Aid because of my own experience and perhaps they were right in their recent comment that my reaction was a tell-tale sign of the fact I’ve been in a situation like that.

“In my life I am oversensitive to certain things because of that. I am devastated and mortified to think even one person out there felt I’d discredited or undermined abuse as that wasn’t my intention.”

Ryan, who apologised to Roxanne and said there was no anger or malice in his actions, was given a formal warning by Big Brother after the incident and was seen breaking down in tears on screen.

His girlfriend Lucy Mecklenburgh has called for Big Brother to revoke Ryan’s warning.

Celebrity Big Brother continues tonight at 9pm on Channel 5.

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