Ross Kemp reveals moment he wanted to ‘kill man’ while filming documentary

The EastEnders star appeared on This Morning to talk about new show Extreme World

Ross Kemp has spoken about the moment he “lost it” and wanted to kill a sex trafficker.

The presenter appeared on This Morning to talk to Ben Shephard and Amanda Holden about his new show called Extreme World.

Recalling a moment where one man made him lose all control, Ross described his anger when meeting him.

Ross Kemp joined stand-in hosts Ben Shephard and Amanda Holden to talk about his new documentary (Credit: ITV)

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The 52-year-old said that he wanted to kill him.

The man had confessed to killing around 300 girls, and Ross said that this man had “felt sorry for himself”, and cried in front of him while filming in India.

He told the hosts: “Over the series it’s been really hard and the hardest for me was in India when I met someone who was trafficking young girls for sex.

The hard man admitted to wanting to kill one particular man (Credit: ITV)

“And he’s on camera, I didn’t know he was going to do it, and admitted to killing around 300 of them.

“My translator heard it first and started crying, then he started crying and I got so angry because he started feeling sorry for himself.

“I don’t mind meeting bad people and interviewing them but when they start feeling sorry for themselves and the things that they do. That was the only time I really nearly lost it.”

Amanda Holden and Ben Shephard asked him which moment particularly sticks out in the new series (Credit: ITV)

Despite raging inside, Ross said that there was no way he could have acted on his emotions as he probably wouldn’t have gotten out alive.

“I terminated the interview and said get him out of my sight before I kill him. He had armed guys with him so I probably wasn’t going to get away with doing that,” he said.

Ross, who was most commonly known for his role as Grant Mitchell on BBC soap EastEnders, has made a name for himself while he travels the globe in search of the most extreme countries.

Although he has come across some of the worlds most dangerous people, he also told viewers that he has met the most amazing people too.

Ross has put himself in extremely terrifying situations while filming his show (Credit: Sky1)

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The Barking-born star has got himself in very scary situations though.

After Trump was elected as president, the actor said that he found himself being abused by protesters.

Ross explained: “It was an odd situation.

“I was with the white racist power organisation. I was called a Nazi and had bottles thrown at me. I was called a pig.

“Demonstrators on both sides were carrying assault rifles…”

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