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Sunday 17th February 2019

Roseanne Barr Responds to Worried Fans After Bizarre Incident

Is someone trying to silence her?

Roseanne Barr is outspoken on Twitter about the causes she believes in -- and fans are speculating that a controversial and provocative tweet may have caused her Twitter account to get taken down.

The actress, whose hit '90s sitcom Roseanne is headed back to TV in 2018, is an avid Twitter user who tweets almost constantly, frequently posting and re-tweeting speculation about conspiracy theories.

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The latest drama all started Friday when the comedian posted a simple enough question, “Who is Q?”

Roseanne tweets about Q. (Credit: Twitter)

Seems pretty innocuous, right? Well, it turns out the "Q" she is referring to is an alleged Trump insider who reportedly posts on the "dark web" site 4chan under the name "Qanon." This user is said to post insider information about the Trump administration.

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She then seemed to challenge the mysterious informant, posting:

(Credit: Twitter)

Shortly after Roseanne posted her question and challenge to "Q," her website and her Twitter account mysteriously disappeared. Some speculated that "Twitter got her."

Her Twitter account was back up shortly, but her website was still down as of Saturday morning.

When fans freaked out, assuming that some harm had come to her, she tweeted that she was okay and would explain more "later."

(Credit: Twitter)

Everything wasn't exactly the same, however. Some fans pointed out that she'd lost 200,000 followers in the brief outage.

While others wondered if it was really Roseanne or an impersonator:

But others were just glad she was back:

Roseanne still hasn't explained exactly what happened, but has been tweeting nonstop on other topics since coming back online. Looks like she's okay now -- if it's the real her.