Rosamund Pike reveals huge Gone Girl secret

The actress has some bizarre ways of getting into character...

Rosamund Pike has revealed that she rehearsed sex scenes for Gone Girl on a child doll.

To be exact, a Dora the Explorer doll.

Her daughter’s not gonna want that back…

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Oh, and that’s not all.

She only went and practiced in the garden, IN PUBLIC!

The 37-year-old also got violent with lumps of meat at a butchers to replicate Anne’s killer instinct.

Appearing on the Graham Norton Show, Rosamund revealed her bizarre methods for getting into character.

She said: “I’d never cut anyone’s throat so I went to a local butchers and with great determination set about the carcasses with a Stanley knife in full view of customers.

“I rehearsed with a Dora the Explorer doll in my back yard, probably in full view of the neighbours!”

Each to their own we suppose!

She also revealed that she’s a huge fan of techno and went to a rave when she was eight months pregnant.

“When I finished the Gone Girl press tour, which was quite a commitment, I was in New York, eight months pregnant and heard about a morning rave and I thought, ‘That has my name on it’,” she said.

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“I was out with friends the night before and they were really up for it. Come 6am I’m ready and waiting and I’m the only one there. I thought either I can go home or I can just do this on my own. So I went in with the bump and it was just fantastic.

“When the baby was born there were no lullabies just deep house!”