Rolf Harris reportedly fears he will die while locked-up

Disgraced TV star fears prison life will kill him

Disgraced kids’ TV presenter Rolf Harris believes he will be DEAD within a year because he thinks the prison system is killing him.

The disgraced entertainer is said to be getting sicker and sicker during his jail spell for sex offences.

He has supposedly confided in his fellow inmates that life in prison is taking its toll on his health.

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And according to reports he has become even more withdrawn as he prepares to face a retrial over three sex offence charges and one new count.

This comes as a jury found the 86-year-old Australian not guilty of three sex crimes at a trial at London’s Southwark Crown Court last week

However, the jury failed to reach verdicts on another four charges.

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If he is to be found guilty of these charges, the artist could face six more years in jail.

In response, a spokesman for the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) said about the jury’s lack of verdict: “This decision was taken after consideration of all the matters set out in our legal guidance on seeking retrials when a jury has failed to agree on a verdict.”

While he was cleared of groping a blind woman, a 12-year-old autograph hunter and a BBC worker in, the jury failed to reach a verdict on four other counts.

Although Rolf did not give evidence at the trial last week, his barrister claimed the four other alleged victims were “false victims” who were hunting for compensation from his £11m fortune.

Harris was jailed back in 2014 after being convicted of 12 sex offences against four female victims, one as young as seven or eight.

His defence team have since claimed the jury from the first trial “got it wrong” and that the high profile media coverage “without doubt made him vulnerable to people making accusations against him”.