Rochelle Humes tells GMB viewers she needs a paternity test!

Poor Marvin!

Rochelle Humes declared that she might need to visit Jeremy Kyle for a paternity test.

The former Saturday’s singer joked on Friday’s Good Morning Britain show that she needed to find out whether Marvin was really the dad of her unborn child!

Appearing on GMB with Ninja Warrior co-host Chris Kamara, the stunning presenter said it was her last day of work before maternity leave.

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Chris then hilariously said they were both off to The Jeremy Kyle Show after their appearance.

“We need DNA test results urgently,” laughed Rochelle.

“Me, Marvin and her,” agreed Chris with a laugh. “Because [the pregnancy] was last August.”

Rochelle then went along with the joke saying: “I first found out about the time of Ninja Warrior so we were confused, weren’t we? If it comes out with a ‘tache we’ll know!”

GMB hosts Ben Shephard laughed and said: “Poor old Marvin!”

Rochelle then said: “I don’t want to go back to my phone after this!”

The gorgeous singer only has around five and a half weeks to go until her due date and doesn’t know the sex of her baby yet!

She recently appeared on Loose Women and told the girls that she had suffered terrible morning sickness for the first three months of her pregnancy.

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The 27-year-old said: “The first three months I felt horrendous but no one offers you a seat because they don’t know, but now I’m six months I feel great.”

Speaking about keeping her baby news secret, she added: “It was just super-close people that knew.

“The first time I found out I was pregnant unfortunately we got papped coming out of a scan which was early on, so I had that taken away from me, so this time I was like, I’m gonna be in control of this and keep it quiet as long as possible.”

“We did really well, I now know we’ve got really good friends, because although they love a gossip they actually kept their mouths shut so I’m impressed.”

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