Rochelle and Marvin Humes let slip very saucy bedroom secret!

They made the confession on the telly

They’re never afraid to gush about how much they love each other – but Rochelle and Marvin Humes’ latest relationship confession is their most candid yet.

We know all about their romantic engagement, their fairy tale wedding, how they’ve welcomed two little girls… and now we can add, er, Rochelle’s favourite position in the bedroom to our list of Humes facts.

You know, just in case it ever comes up in a pub quiz…

Rochelle & Marvin were put on the spot! (Credit: ITV)

To be fair to the couple, the rather naughty confession was made on Celebrity Juice – aka forced out of them by Keith Lemon, who is never afraid to cross the line.

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The couple were asked to take part in a Mr and Mrs-style quiz to see how well they really know each other after five years of marriage.

But rather than the usual questions like favourite meal or annoying habits, Keith, of course, had to go and ask the raunchiest one he could think of…

Always crossing the line! (Credit: ITV)

Telling a nervous looking Rochelle and Marvin they had to answer at the same time, he casually asked: “What’s Rochelle’s favourite sexual position?”

An exasperated Rochelle responded: “Oh, for [bleep] sake, Keith.”

It didn’t stop the Saturdays star from answering, however, as both she and Marvin shouted out “on top” at the same time, prompting laughter from the audience and pure embarrassment from Rochelle, who added: “It really is!”

TMI, guys…. (Credit: ITV)

It didn’t stop there, however, as the poor couple were subjected to further questions such as what Marvin’s manhood looks like.

‘Cause we all obvs wanted to know that…

While a stunned Rochelle couldn’t bring herself to answer, Marvin proudly shouted: “A dream!”

He then chastised his wife for her silence, laughing: “You’re meant to say something! At least make something up…”

It kept getting awkward! (Credit: ITV)

Another question asked who Rochelle would secretly like Marvin to dress up as in the bedroom – which prompted a split answer. Oops!

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While Marvin jokingly answered Keith, his other half said Anthony Joshua. Awkward!

While it was awkward for Rochelle and Marvin, it was great viewing for fans, many of whom praised the pair for being good sports.


Maybe not a video to show the kids one day, though…