Robron’s wedding ruined by police invasion?

Can they tie the knot in time?

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Aaron has had the weight of the world on his shoulders recently, what with a prison sentence for assaulting Kasim looming large.

So his face is an absolute picture when he arrives at the Woolpack on Monday – with the none-too-subtle help of Cain – to find that romantic Robert has planned a secret wedding ceremony behind his back.

“He totally didn’t see this wedding coming,” Danny Miller, who plays Aaron, told Inside Soap. “He honestly thought Robert had proposed as a way of shutting him up after they’d argued about Rebecca.”

Sadly, though, that isn’t the only shock in store for Aaron – just as the loved-up pair are about to say their marriage vows in front of jubilant friends and family, who should walk in but the local constabulary.

Are the cops there to whisk away the groom-to-be and halt the wedding we’ve all been waiting months for, or have they turned up for a completely different reason?

We’re not telling, but suffice to say that the boys will be gutted if their big day is thwarted – especially Aaron.

“If Aaron goes to jail without marrying Robert first, it’ll make his sentence ten times worse,” Miller told Inside Soap.

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The couple have gone through their fair share of drama to get to the altar.

Back in October, they were involved in the devastating motorway pile-up that resulted in their car ploughing into a lake and Robert having to rescue Aaron from certain death.

Viewers were then left biting their fingernails as Robert swam back down to the submerged wreck to retrieve the engagement ring he’d given to Aaron earlier that day – an act that left us in no doubt about his commitment to his partner.

“Robert wants to show Aaron how much he means to him, and how he wants them to be a little family with Liz,” Ryan Hawley, who plays Robert, told The Sun.

However, Aaron’s assault on Kasim – whom he’d discovered fighting with his ex, Finn Barton – has put paid to that plan for the foreseeable future. Later in the week, the fiery Dingle is finally handed his sentence – and we can reveal that he’ll serve 12 months at Her Majesty’s Pleasure.

It’s a verdict that leaves Robert and Aaron’s relationship facing an unpredictable future, their hopes and dreams in tatters.

Let’s just hope they get to say “I will” before Aaron is taken away…

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