Robbie Williams lockdown 2020

Robbie Williams shows off ‘extreme’ lockdown makeover

He's shaved ALL his hair off

Pop superstar Robbie Williams is rocking a brand new look. And in his own words, it is quite ‘extreme’.

The Take That singer and solo star, 46, took matters into his own hands during lockdown.

Holed up at his Los Angeles mansion with wife Ayda Field and their four kids, he’s clearly been itching for a haircut.

Unable to visit barbers due to coronavirus, Robbie took a hair razor and shaved off the entirety of his hair.

robbie williams haircut
Robbie Williams shaved off all his hair (Credit: Instagram)

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Sharing the work in progress and final result on Ayda’s Instagram, his fans were left stunned at the results.

“No hair, don’t care”

After Ayda shared the video to her 606,000 Instagram followers, dozens left their opinion.

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Several pointed out that he is holding the hair clipper the incorrect way.

One user lamented: “As a hairdresser I have to say I can hardly look you are holding the machine upside down. But it’s ok Love you.”

Another user advised: “Looks great but Please turn the clipper over or you’ll damage your skin. The flat part of the blade should be on the skin xxx.”

Meanwhile a fan quipped: “I’ve never been this close to Robbie before!”

And a fourth praised: “Yes it’s better all shaved!”

robbie williams 2020 lockdown
Robbie admires the final result in the mirror (Image credit: Instagram)

However, not everyone was so convinced. Several users argued that they preferred Robbie with a long-haired look.

One user stated: “You always look great and sexy but I prefer long hair more.”

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And another user posted: “I prefer him with more hair.”

“Extreme shave happening”

In the video Robbie says: “Extreme shave.”

Ayda agrees: “Extreme shave happening. It kind of looks like a shave mullet right now.”

She then takes over to do the back of his head.

She says: “Lockdown haircuts. We’ve done it once before already, we’ll do it again.”

As Robbie corrects her buzzer technique she admits “it’s a learning process”.

She continues: “I’m learning, it’s a learning process. By the end of this year I’ll have this down.”

When Ayda asked him what he thought of the final result, he joked: “Right Said Fred.”

He is referring to the 1980s band of the same name, who had a hit with ‘I’m Too Sexy’ – and its bandmates both sport bald heads.

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