Robbie Williams says he was convinced to get married by a stunning A-lister

Yeah, it happens to us all, Rob

When you’re a world-famous former boyband member turned critically respected solo artist, settling down must be quite difficult.

With parties to attend every night, not to mention people flinging themselves at you, single life has got to be pretty appealing!

Robbie Williams talked about this and more during a candid chat with Lorraine this morning.

Robbie said he’d broken up with Ayda three times before proposing (Credit: ITV)

And he revealed that he called time on his relationship with wife Ayda Field no less than three times before finally committing.

And it’s a good job he did, as they make a fantastic couple.

However, Robbie’s inspiration to finally commit to Ayda found its inspiration in a very unlikely place.

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The 43-year-old singer said he was struggling to take his relationship with Ayda to the next level.

They chatted about his career and his love life (Credit: ITV)

He said: “I split up with my wife three times. The only commandment I had was ‘Thou will not get married and thou will not have babies,’ and there was this person I was falling in love with that was breaking my commandments.”

And despite Robbie’s resistance, during one of the couple’s broken-up spells, it took an intervention from none other than Hollywood actress Cameron Diaz to get him seeing straight.

Just describing a casual night out with Cameron Diaz (Credit: ITV)

Robbie said: “I was out one evening with – name-dropping – Drew Barrymore and Cameron Diaz – and I was talking about this girl that I’d just split up with.

“It was one of those Sliding Door moments when Cameron said: ‘It sounds as though it’s not over’ – and in that moment, something clicked, something changed and I thought: ‘Yeah, I should go and marry her.’
Superstar Cameron convinced Robbie to commit to Ayda (Credit:

“I got in a car and went to see Ayda, knocked on the door and that was the moment I committed myself to her and she to me.”


It also looks like Cameron’s instincts were spot on, as Robbie and Ayda have been happily married since 2010.

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They’ve also got two kids, Theodora Rosa and Charlton Valentine, who are five and three respectively.

Seems like Cameron Diaz has a handy back-up career as a relationship counseller, if the acting thing doesn’t work out…

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