Robbie reveals that he has been massively snubbed by TV star!

The man who has it all, can't seem to fulfil his dream - just yet!

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Robbie Williams has achieved a lot over the years – scooped loads of awards, sold shedloads of records and bedded some of the most beautiful women in the world.

But there is one thing in his life that is proving to be rather elusive.

He just can’t convince James Corden to let him appear on Carpool Karaoke.

The former Take That star is apparently desperate to follow in the footsteps of Madonna, Gaga, Adele, Mariah, Britney and even Michelle Obama to join the cuddly presenter in the front seat of his car and bang out his hits.

If you haven’t seen the show – and if you haven’t, like, where have you been? – Carpool Karaoke is the incredibly popular segment of James’s night-time show The Late Show in which he and a superstar A-lister drive around LA (or London, in Adele’s case) singing along to their own songs!

And in spite of making it quite clear of his intentions, it would seem that Robbie’s requests have fallen on deaf ears!

Why? He reckons he’s not well known enough.

“I suppose you have to be famous in America to do Carpool,” the dad-of-two has admitted.

“I’m not famous there. I’m yet to tick that box.”

“James hasn’t got back to me about doing Carpool Karaoke yet,” the pop star admitted, adding optimistically: “It does need to happen.”

But for now Robbie can be content in the knowledge that life is all good.

Not only has he recently moved back to the UK from America with his Loose Women wife Ayda Field and their children, he is celebrating the massive success of his comeback album, The Heavy Entertainment Show,  which shot to the top of the charts.

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