Rob sacrifices his freedom to save Tracy from making a big mistake

Viewers were thrilled, moved and angered by dramatic court room scenes in last night's Corrie

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What an exciting night it was on the cobbles last night.

During her pre-trial for attacking Ken, Tracy had admitted that she told a judge that she was responsible for the attempted murder of her father.

Of course, we the viewers know that she is only saying this to protect her daughter Amy who she thinks actually committed the crime.

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As she stood on stand, it suddenly dawned on her that the police were right and that she had left her daughter in the hands of her convicted killer boyfriend after they had gone on the run together.

As she was about to tell the judge she has made a mistake and put Amy in danger, Rob suddenly burst through the doors to gallantly stop Tracy from admitting to a crime she didn’t commit.

The old romantic yells out that she can’t take the blame for the crime and that he can prove she didn’t do it because they were actually together at the time Ken was pushed down the stairs – and had CCTV footage to prove it.

Rob decided on his dramatic and rather heartfelt move after he’d confronted Amy and told her that Tracy was taking the flak for a crime they thought she had committed.

But Amy was horrified at the suggestion that they thought she could have been responsible for hurting her grandfather and was adamant that she wasn’t involved.

Back in court,Tracy says she wants to withdraw her confession and asks to be set free – but the police send her back to a cell instead.

Later, Rob visited Tracy in her cell where he tells her he couldn’t let her admit to something she hadn’t done.

He also tells her that he’s convinced too that Amy didn’t do the wicked deed and that Tracy would have been throwing her life away for no reason.

Tracy thanks him with a slobbering smooch!

Although viewers were gripped by the unfolding action, some fans were divided by the episode.

Some moaned that it was unrealistic that on-the-run Rob – who was being hunted by the Weatherfield police force – was able to merely walk through a court house and not be stopped by the authorities.

They also poo-pooed the fact that Rob had been allowed to visit Tracy in her cell.

However, some fans were moved that Rob was willing to sacrifice his freedom by stopping Tracy from doing something silly, whiles other said they felt sorry for Tracy.

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Meanwhile, other Corrie fans were in two minds about Amy’s declaration that she was innocent, with one armchair critic musing:  “Just cos Amy said she didn’t do it doesn’t mean she didn’t.”

True, true! The whodunnit continues…..