Coronation Street: Rita’s condition worsens as she forgets husband is dead

What's actually wrong with her?

Oh dear, it seems the suspected dementia storyline with Rita is gathering pace.

In recent weeks she has forgotten more and more – last week calling police on Gemma, believing she had stolen £100 from her handbag.

She had actually lent money to Sally’s sister…

The Kabin owner is clearly a little concerned about what’s happening to her, but next week others start to notice.

Pals again! (Credit: ITV)

Gemma begins to realise that something isn’t right with her pal and raises her concerns that she may be suffering from dementia.

At the start of the week, Rita and Gemma properly make up after that little theft accusation incident.

Rita is on hand to console Gemma after Zoe and Roxy prank her.

Mean girls – but Rita got ’em (Credit: ITV)

She’s gutted when a date turns up only to say she looks nothing like her picture – and realises her former mates have set her up.

Poor lass!

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Rita and Norris hatch a plot to get the mean girls back, convincing Rosie Webster to pretend to be a lawyer acting on behalf of Gemma and going after them for cyber terrorism.

It does the job – and Rita and Gemma bond again celebrating getting rid of the nasty estate bullies.

What’s going on with Rita? (Credit: ITV)

However, Rita grows confused when she goes to the washing machine to take out a load – and she finds she has already done it.

Later she spills coffee on Gemma’s bridesmaid’s dress and – most alarming of all – she sets a place at dinner for dead husband Len.

Len… definitely still dead (Credit: ITV)

Having witnessed this, Gemma confides her fears in Rosie that Rita may have dementia, but will they broach this with their beloved friend?

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