Rita Ora stuns Piers Morgan with her “ridiculous” red carpet outfit

She went out in her dressing gown

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It’s a mad world for Piers Morgan who was finding a lot of things “ridiculous” today.

First the Good Morning Britain host slammed his co-star Charlotte Hawkins’ emotional reaction to the “ridiculous” John Lewis Christmas ad.

Then he was baffled by new rules being introduced to primary schools over gender identity – and made his opinion on how absurd he thinks it is quite clear.

But what really took the biscuit for him was a picture showing Rita Ora’s outfit choice at last night’s MTV Europe Music Awards.

The singer, who was hosting the awards, walked the red carpet wearing a white bath robe with her hair swept up in a towel.

Reporting on the event, Charlotte said: “It was the host who really hit the headlines with her interesting outfit choice of a dressing gown and towel.”

When Piers saw the pictures of the singer in her ensemble he was stunned.

“Why is she wearing a towel on her head?” he asked.

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“She didn’t have time to get dressed,” Susanna Reid joked.

Piers was having none of it.

“Didn’t have time to get dressed?” That’s all popstars do,” he ranted.

“Why does no-one say to her ‘put it away, Rita, you look ridiculous’.”

He added later in the show when the picture was shown again: “It looks absolutely ridiculous, put some clothes on!”

But viewers on Twitter were able to explain the popstar’s actions to Piers as they told him to leave their favourite singer alone.

Apparently, it was all part of a big sketch she had planned.

One thing Piers wasn’t finding ridiculous today was his own plans to release a Christmas album.

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An album cover was mocked up in a response to a poll the show ran last week and he thinks it could be a bestseller.

“I’m really impressed by myself,” he said as a montage of all the times he has sung on the show was played.

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