Richard Hammond and wife Mindy

Richard Hammond’s wife reveals her unusual reaction after hearing about his crash

Well a girl's gotta shop!

For someone who is into his cars, Richard Hammond appears to be pretty rubbish at driving them.

Last month he was involved in a terrible car smash on a Swiss mountain road that almost killed him.

But miraculously the telly host and car lover managed to walk away from the wreckage in one piece.

Richard Hammond was on This Morning talking about how accident (Credit: ITV)

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And on today’s This Morning, Richard Hammond recalled what happened when he lost control of his super sports car and he ended up rolling his car down a hillside where it burst into flames just seconds after he walked away from the twisted wreckage.

Speaking about the incident, he said it happened so quickly he didn’t really have time to think.

Richard said the crash happened really quickly (Credit: ITV)

“I went off at the end of a hill climb,” he told Phil and Holly.

“If you go off up there then there’s coming down to be done very quickly!

“I came off the edge and it touched down a couple of times and then landed on the roof, and I did think, ‘ooooh that’s gone badly!’”

Richard careered off a Swiss mountain road (Credit: ITV)

In spite of the speed of the crash, Richard admitted that he did have time to think that his number was up.

However, he did say that as he had been through a previous horrific car crash back in 2006 he was prepared with the aftermath of a crash.

“I’ve probably spent more time upside down in a car than most people, so that probably did help,” he laughed

Richard is now hobbling around on crutches (Credit: ITV)

However, as he looked certain death in the jaws the only thing he could think about was calling his wife Mindy to assure her he was alright.

But when he did finally get through to her, her reaction surprised him

When the call came through, Mindy was busy shopping with their daughter.

Richard’s wife Mindy says she carried on shopping when she heard he had been in crash (Credit: ITV)

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She told Holly and Phil that she went a bit “funny” and then carried on with mooching around the shops.

“I did go a bit funny, which I’ve never done before,” she explained.

“I told my 16-year-old Izzy that we’d come to buy shoes and we had to do just that.

The cool as a cucumber journo added: “You just sort of have to keep doing things to get you through it all.”

Luckily Richard is on the mend and is hobbling around on crutches after an operation to rebuild his knee.