Richard Arnold facing the sack after SLAPPING Piers Morgan on GMB?

Showbiz guru had finally had enough of the presenter's irritating behaviour

We’re PRETTY sure there are a lot of people that would love to smack Piers Morgan in the face…

So Richard Arnold became something of a national hero this morning by showing the motormouth what for on Good Morning Britain.

The showbiz guru was trying to present his segment of the show and chatting about the new Star Wars movie.

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Of course, as usual, Piers HAD to interrupt and talk over him.

As anybody would be, Richard got fed up of all his moaning and irritating behaviour so decided to walk over to him and playfully hit him around the back of the head.

It didn’t look too hard at the time, but the show’s producers later showed a clip in slow-motion during an interview with Strictly Come Dancing judge Len Goodman.

While watching the footage back, Len joked that Richard should be sacked over the incident.

“He needs to get the elbow after that,” the Strictly judge said.

Richard could have done a lot worse, we’re sure!

Moaning again, Piers said: “I am feeling the pain now. And a certain amount of stress after that.”

Richard refused to apologise however, and took to Twitter to re-post messages from fans praising the slap.

Twitter enthusiast Piers then took to the social media platform and wrote: “I’ll miss you @RichardAArnold. But there’s no place for violence in the workplace. @GMB”

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Richard then replied to him saying: “It was that or mistletoe #youdecide 😉”

Oh, Mr Arnold, you are such a tease.

Piers responded as you would expect: “Christ. In that case, keep punching me.”

A kiss… Now that is something people would love to see.

C’mon Piers, where’s your Christmas cheer?