EastEnders reveals Tiffany Butcher’s dark secret and fans are horrified

Following in Whitney's footsteps?

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EastEnders last night revealed the dark secret that newly-returned Tiffany Butcher has been keeping from her older step-sister Whitney Dean.

Tiff – played by Maisie Smith – has caused Whitney endless trouble since turning up on her doorstep earlier this year.

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Since her arrival, she’s lied about being pregnant and about mum, Bianca, trying to commit suicide.

Her strange behaviour reached boiling point during Thursday’s episode when the youngster bolted from Whit’s house after laying eyes on her step-brother, TJ Spraggan.

She disappeared into the night and – while her family were searching frantically for her – she was seen approaching a group of teenage lads.

The boys, who were drinking despite clearly being under 18, told Tiff that she looked like she did in her photos and asked if she was definitely 16.

The 14-year-old school girl lied and said she was.

She was wearing a skimpy outfit – it’s parky out there for goodness sake – and a face full of make-up and fans were horrified that Tiff seems to be following Whit into the murky world of under age sex and prostitution.

Whitney was groomed for sex by her step-father Tony – who was married to Bianca at the time – when she was a young teen, and then became a prostitute after being groomed again by her ‘boyfriend’ Rob Grayson.

Viewers took to Twitter to voice their concerns for Tiffany who appears to be going down the same road as Whitney.

“This is basically gonna be another Whitney thing all over again,” predicted one fan.

“Tiffany going down the same route as Whitney as a character. Imagine my shock,” added another.

While a third tweeted: “Can not believe Tiffany has just put herself in danger like that. After everything Whitney went through…So dangerous, someone needs to find her and soon.”

Tiffany returned to Walford early this month after running away from Milton Keynes where she’s been living with Bianca, her partner Terry Spraggan, half-brother Morgan plus Terry’s kids TJ and Rosie.

It was announced that Maisie would be reprising the role she first starred in when she was just six years old.

Maisie said of her return: “It’s great to be back on the set of EastEnders.

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“It’s been lovely to see some old faces and meet new ones too. I can’t wait to show everyone how much Tiffany has changed.”

Well, she’s certainly done that.

EastEnders continues tonight at 8pm on BBC One

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