Stacey Solomon reveals she sneaks out of the house for love sessions while her kids sleep

She's got stamina, we'll give her that

A girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do – and busy working mum-of-two Stacey Solomon has admitted her rather nifty tactic for keeping romance alive.

Whereas many single mums struggle to spend quality – or indeed any – time with a non-live in partner, Stace has come up with a neat solution.

I’ve got this all worked out… (Credit: Instagram)

Though it’s not one for anyone who values their sleep – or those without on-tap childcare.

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Speaking to the Sun on Sunday, Loose Women panelist Stacey explained that because of parenting commitments (Joe also has a 10-year-old son, Harry) ‘conventional dates’ were out of the question and that it was all about ‘fitting in alone time when we can’.

We’re intrigued… so what is this genius solution she has come up with?

Toasting their cunning plan… (Credit: Instagram)


“I get my mum round to babysit, sneak out to Joe’s, get back before the kids wake up and get them breakfast like nothing’s happened,” Stacey reveals, adding that this involves leaving her house at 8pm, and returning at a wince-inducing 5am to get the boys sorted for the day ahead.

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Thankfully, it’s not all under-the-cover-of-darkness dashes across town, and up-with-the-lark returns home though.

“Joe also comes over to mine for sleepovers,” Stacey says. “We put the kids down and then have a bath together, just the two of us. I really value that.”

Er, we could have probs done without knowing that bit, thanks Stace.

“The kids have their own room now, so Joe and I can have a spoon.”

And that…

Aren’t they cute? And bath fresh, no doubt (Credit: Instagram)

Loved-up Stacey, 28, who is mum to Zachary, nine and Leighton, five, has been dating Joe, 36, since 2015, and their devotion to each other is more than apparent.

Back in November, Stacey flew to the other side of the world to surprise her lover in Oz as he filmed the I’m A Celebrity spin-off show Extra Camp, leaving him gobsmacked as she appeared unannounced at his apartment.

And Stacey has been quite open about the fact she would very much like her beau to put a ring on it, recently telling the Mirror:

“I joke about wanting to get married all the time, even if I wasn’t with Joe I still want to have a wedding and wear a dress one day. I don’t think I’d engage in a relationship if I didn’t think it was forever, otherwise what’s the point? So I really hope Joe’s the one.”

Bless their cotton socks (Credit: Instagram)

Aw, we do too, Stacey. And in the meantime, to put a stop to all this overnight sneaking about, wouldn’t it just be easier if you moved in together?

Just an idea. No pressure…