Scarlett Moffatt reveals how she finally got revenge on cruel bully

Bad memories came flooding back when the star bumped into an old face

Scarlett Moffatt has begun to build a successful career on TV, after appearing on Gogglebox with her family and becoming the winner of I’m a Celebrity – now landing a bunch of presenting jobs.

But life hasn’t always been this great for the star, especially during her school years, when she was bullied.

The Gogglebox star has previously spoken out about her early teen years when she was bullied so badly she was allowed to leave school 10 minutes early so she didn’t get beaten up.

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Now she has revealed that she recently came face-to-face with one of her bullies.

The Queen of the jungle explained that she was shopping in Asda when she bumped into one of the mean girls who made her school days terrifying, during an interview with You magazine.

She said: “She came up to me all smiling and friendly and told me her two little girls thought she was the coolest mum because we’d been friends at school.

“Usually I’d just smile and walk away. But I had this memory of her coming into school and wearing fake teeth after I’d had my bike accident and doing a really horrid impression of me.”

The usually bubbly Geordie made sure the woman was in no doubt what she thought of her.

Scarlett said: “So when she used the F-word – the ‘friend’ word – I shook. I told her that we’d never been friends and that she’d been a bully who had destroyed my confidence and ruined my time at school.

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“I told her I hoped her two daughters would never go through what I’d gone through or have to deal with anyone like her”.

She added: “I put down my basket, walked out of there and felt like cheering.”

The TV star said she lets all of the bullying go because she has finally stuck up for herself after years of saying nothing.

Good for you, Scarlett.