Katie Price reveals her kids have landed pretty impressive new jobs

Most of us have to make so with a paper round

As the children of Katie Price and Peter Andre, it’s fair to say Junior and Princess were never going to have normal lives.

So perhaps it’s no surprise they’re already following in their famous parents’ footsteps by landing themselves some pretty impressive jobs at the tender ages of just twelve and ten.

According to proud mama Katie, her little ones have already been hard at work on their future careers and being signed up for opportunities most of us can only dream about.

Katie’s kids have opportunities most of us can only dream of [Credit: ITV]
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Speaking on Loose Women, Katie revealed Junior has been given the chance to design his own fashion range and wants to become a YouTuber, while Princess has been asked to pen a book.

Er, what happened to your first job being a paper round or babysitting?!

Katie spilled the deets during a discussion on the show about the perils of child fame and getting too much too young.

She said: “Being in the industry, my kids get offered things, but I do think they should get their education first.

“Princess has been offered a book deal but even if she did it, she would only promote it in the summer holidays.

Katie said she would prefer her kids get an education over a showbiz career [Credit: ITV]
“Junior has been offered a clothing deal and I’ll say to him, ‘Do you want to do it or do you not want to do it?’

“Junior wants to be a vlogger, or whatever they are, and have a YouTube channel. He wants to be a star like that.

“I have to reign him in and say, ‘Junior, you can’t just go on this because of who you are. Your friends may have it but you can’t because you’re different’ and people will try to pinpoint him, different to other kids.”

Katie insisted she would never push her kids to follow her into the industry but it was only natural they were being offered starry experiences given who their parents are.

“They’ve already done jobs already, little bits and bobs,”she said.

“I’m not pushing them. We are so normal at home. They don’t go to a dance school where you get pushed into it. We are so relaxed and normal, but naturally they get asked to do stuff.

“But because I’m in the industry, I don’t like the industry, because I know what it can be like.”

They’re no stranger to appearing on camera [Credit: ITV]
Junior and Princess have been in the public eye since their birth.

Both featured on their now-divorced parents’ long-running series of fly-on-the-wall reality shows, while also being photographed for numerous magazine covers.

They’ve popped up on Loose Women alongside their mum and frequently appear on their parents’ social media accounts.

Last year, Katie said the two kids were actually turning down job offers after constantly being approached about flogging products.

As well as turning down modelling offers on their behalf, the ex model also said there had been talks about getting them their own TV show.

“They have had offers for everything. I have to remember they are still kids,” she said in a Facebook Q&A.

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“Junior wants to present Jeremy Kyle, he wants to go on X Factor then he says he wants to do Britain’s Got Talent.

“He wants to do everything, he says ‘I just want to be on TV’.”

Clearly taking after his mum, then!

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