The reason Ant McPartlin is wearing a leg brace REVEALED

Mystery has surrounded the reason why Ant needed leg support - until now

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Earlier this week fans were all of a dither when they saw a picture of TV favourite Ant McPartlin wearing what looked like a leg brace.

No sooner had the picture of him wearing the said item appeared on Geri Horner’s Instagram account, and fans were reaching out to the Geordie fella asking him if everything was all alright.

Did he have some kind of debilitating condition that left him in need of support?

Fans were really concerned when they saw Ant’s leg brace in this picture with Geri Horner, Dec and their other halves (Credit: Instagram)

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Or was it something less sinister?

For the first few days, there was no explanation for the mystery apparatus on his leg.

Then a couple of days later, another picture emerged on Instagram, again showing the poorly fella wearing his ‘secret’ leg brace.

Another picture emerged with Ant wearing the brace again. Mysterious! (Credit: Instagram)

While fans concern grew, it wasn’t long before they were assured that they didn’t have anything to worry about.

The brace is merely a “safety precaution”.

According to The Sun’s Bizarre, Ant hurt himself while gyming it.

Apparently Ant hurt his leg while working out (Credit: Instagram)

“He was overheard telling a pal at the studio that he pulled his muscle during a work out,” the source explained.

“It’s nothing too serious but he wants it to heal properly so is wearing the brace as a precaution.”

But brave boy as he is, Ant continued to present the Britain’s Got Talent semi-finals alongside Dec all week without looking like he was suffering from any pain whatsoever.

What a trooper, eh?

We reckon his leg will be back in action very soon indeed.

After all, he kept his pins very busy when he was a pop star back in the day.

All the energetic hip hop dance routines he performed whilst rapping along to Let’s Get Ready To Rhumble must have given his legs some core strength.

Ant built up some strong leg muscles when he was a pop star! (Credit: ITV)

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Meanwhile, in other Ant news, a pulled muscle was the last thing on his mind this week.

During one of the live semi finals, he played grown up after jubilant contestant Tokio let slip the f-word when he discovered that he was in the final.

Responsible as ever, Ant stepped up to apologise to those offended members of the audience.

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