Revealed: Emmerdale horror smash could see three characters die!

Dominic Brunt reveals that the soap's biggest ever stunt could have multiple victims

Emmerdale’s ‘Time Twist’ week is certainly re-imagining the way soaps are filmed.

The producers have said that they were looking to mix the repetition of 24 hours like Groundhog Day with the certainty of death that is in teen horror flick, Final Destination.

The week so far has seen Aaron Dingle and Robert Sugden destined to be involved in a car crash.

This has been followed by Rhona Goskirk being driven at full pelt by Paddy Kirk, in pursuit of Pierce Harris.

This chase has a similar ending, in which it looks like they will hit an upturned car.

Now, Emmerdale star Dominic Brunt has hinted that up to three characters could succumb, in the biggest stunt in soap history.

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Appearing on Good Morning Britain, the actor who plays Paddy, seemed to say too much as he talked about the big crash.

Sitting alongside co-star Jonathan Wrather, who plays Pierce, Dominic said: “There is a rumour that one character is killed.

“It’s at least one character that I know of, it’s up to three characters.”

Realising that he may have revealed too much, Dominic admitted: “I’m not saying anything more.”

Jonathan promised: “It’s a brilliant week.

“It could be any of us and I’m proud to be involved.”

After they were asked if the final installment of the week would be a live episode, Dominic said that this wasn’t the plan.

He admitted: “I don’t think they’d do a live episode again.

“The scale is massive, even if you don’t like soaps, watch tonight.”

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There is another element to the carnage on the road being added tonight, when it is shown that Ashley will be involved in the collision.

In the soap Ashley, who is played by John Middleton, has been diagnosed with dementia and as the disease takes a firmer grip on him, he gets back in to his car to rush to an appointment.

The problem is that he has woken, believing that he has missed his daughter’s christening.

In his panic, he takes to the road in his car, even though he has forgotten that he has been barred from driving due to his illness.

With him appearing on the same stretch of road as the others that have looked to have crashed, could Ashley be the cause of the pile-up.

What is for certain is that it will be spectacular.

Emmerdale continues at 7pm tonight on ITV.