Returning EastEnders character confuses some viewers – but others think they know why he’s back

Another blast from the past

There was another blast from the past in last night’s EastEnders as TJ Spraggan returned to Albert Square.

The son of Bianca Butcher’s boyfriend Terry came back from Milton Keynes at the request of Whitney Dean to try and help her sort out their step-sister Tiffany.

TJ, played by George Sergeant, was last on the soap in 2014, where his storylines included getting Ian’s step-daughter Cindy pregnant.

But he obviously didn’t make too much of an impression on some viewers, as many of them didn’t remember him.

Twitter was awash with cries of “who?” as Whitney first opened the door to greet him as they didn’t recognise him.

As she didn’t refer to him by his name at first, others even thought he was meant to be Bianca’s son Liam recast as a new actor.

When Whitney then called him TJ, some viewers were still none the wiser.

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“Who is TJ?” many asked while another said: “Had no idea who that lad was! Just had go google him. Now vaguely remember him as TJ but bit of strange character to bring back.”

Another asked: Sorry if I’m being a bit thick, but who is this TJ bloke then? What’s his relationship to Whitney, Tiff etc?”

Some who did remember TJ were delighted to see him back, especially as he’s got older and more muscular since he was last on the soap.

However, EastEnders conspiracy theorists think there could be a sinister reason why he’s returned – as he could be behind Tiffany’s recent strange behaviour.

Some think he could have been abusive towards his step-sister in a sad echo of the abuse storyline Whitney suffered when she was younger.

At the end of last night’s episode, viewers saw Tiffany run away when she knew her step-brother had caught up with her.

She was then seen meeting a group of older boys who she had hooked up with online and had lied to that she was 16. Please don’t do anything stupid, Tiff!

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Find out tonight what happens next but have hankies at the ready – tonight’s episode will also see the Brannings gather to switch off brain-dead Abi’s life-support machine.

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