Coronation Street return for Phelan’s partner in crime Vinny

Someone in particular won't be pleased to see them

Former Emmerdale star Ian Kelsey is returning to Coronation Street to reprise his role as villainous Vinny.

Vinny was Pat Phelan’s con artist mate who scammed the Street with a bunch of flats and then fled with the proceeds leaving Phelan high and dry and having to face the consequences.

Vinny is back, but he might regret returning (Credit: ITV)

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Phelan will no doubt be out for revenge on the man who stole from him and left him to take the blame, and Vinny’s return will be the perfect opportunity for him to get it.

A source told The Sun Online: “Phelan has been looking for Vinny ever since he ran off with all the money and he’s determined to get revenge.

“Pat’s life spiralled out of control after Vinny left with all the money they had both stolen so he blames him for everything bad that has happened since.

“If it wasn’t for Vinny then Michael wouldn’t have gone snooping and died, and Andy wouldn’t have had such a vendetta against Phelan.”

Michael was determined to expose Phelan before he died (Credit: ITV)

Viewers found out last week that Phelan has been keeping Andy Carver hostage in a derelict house. We’d previously believed the nasty builder had killed him by hitting him over the head with a laptop.

The source continued: “In Phelan’s mind Andy being in his basement is all Vinny’s fault so his return comes at the perfect time for him to get rid of Andy and to get revenge on Vinny.

“Vinny’s return won’t be what viewers expect and it will give Phelan the chance to solve all his problems in one fell swoop.”

The website reveals Ian is back filming already for the block of episodes, although Coronation Street have refused to confirm or deny the rumours.

No one, especially not Eileen, will be pleased to see Vinny (Credit: ITV)

With the net closing in on Phelan as his daughter Nicola becomes increasingly suspicious, he’s pushed to breaking point next week when Andy complains of an infected arm and the bullying builder starts digging a grave for his hostage.

Looks like Vinny’s return might be the one thing that could get him out of this mess…

Scheming Pat’s already pinned the entire property scam on his former partner-in-crime, so what if he could pin Andy’s kidnapping on him too?

Andy Carver, Coronation Street (Instagram)
Andy is being held hostage (Credit: ITV)

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Andy tried to escape his prison on Monday night by attacking Phelan with a piece of cord he retrieved from his mattress. However, Phelan managed to overpower him and came back at him with a hammer from his van.

As Andy sits alone with only a rat for company, his fate remains unknown, but with this latest plot twist, anything could happen.

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