Loose Women respond to “bitter” Carol McGiffin’s comments about show’s anniversary

eries celebrated 18 years this week – but former panellist wasn’t invited

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To be honest, we don’t exactly blame Carol McGiffin for her anger after being left out of Loose Women’s 18th birthday celebrations.

Having been one of the most outspoken and popular panelists on Loose Women over the years, you’d have expected her to have played a bigger part in marking their anniversary.

Credit: ITV
Loose Women celebrated 18 years in the biz, but not everyone was invited to join the fun (Credit: ITV)

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But in the end, all viewers saw was a flash of a photograph of her – even though she has actually appeared on the show more than any other panelist, clocking up 1174 appearances.

When one fan noticed her absence from the show, she responded: “You’re not the only one who noticed… it’s not like they didn’t have a lot material to choose from. #1174shows.”

Then when someone asked “what did you do to upset them?”, she replied: “Dunno. Maybe it’s because we (the old gang) left and the show stopped winning awards. Who knows?”

In response to the show’s official Tweet about the celebration show that read: “Sooo many incredible some on the show over the past 18  years. Don’t miss the show tomorrow to celebrate.” she said, “yeah don’t miss the show because soon many of those incredible women won’t be on it.”

Some fans took exception to what she was saying telling her to stop being bitter and “to move on”, adding “Be happy or be quiet!”

Another said: “Someone sounds bitter!”

But in spite of her barbed comments, Loose Woman Kay Adams has paid tribute to Carol and Denise Welch, who was also cruelly ommitted.

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Speaking on yesterday’s show – and clearly ignoring Carol’s snarky comments – she said: “We can’t leave out these two classics – Carol McGiffin and Densie Welch have both been in touch to say happy birthday.

“Two wonderful women who have done brilliantly.”

Oh well, Den and Carol will always be remembered in our minds as classic Loose Women!