Emmerdale reportedly planning the most shocking scenes ever

There could be an acid attack in the village

When you write about soaps for a living you get pretty used to most controversial plots – but Emmerdale’s latest plans have still managed to shock us.

Because according to the soap grapevine, they are planning to tackle the subject of acid attacks.

The idea is to try and reflect real life and the crime that’s been prevalent in the news recently, with a number of horrific acid attacks occurring in the UK over the summer.

Which sounds like a strong idea – but a very hard one to watch.

Could it be Moira? (Credit: ITV)

An Emmerdale source told The Sunday Mirror: “Soaps want to portray the real world and Emmerdale is leading the way by broaching the rise in acid attacks.

“Scriptwriters are drafting a plotline.

The Rhona and Pierce wedding day rape plot was done brilliantly (Credit: ITV)

“It’s a sensitive subject and has to be portrayed in the right way.”

No-one knows yet which characters will be affected by the storyline and how far Emmerdale will take it.

The idea hasn’t been confirmed officially by Emmerdale either, and is believed to only be in the early planning stages.

Boss Iain MacLeod had said previously though that there would be a major issue-led storyline coming up next year which we’re going to call a clue/ evidence.

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And – pure speculation here, guys – it’s also been promised that the awesome Moira will be back in the Emmerdale limelight soon, and that the storyline that involves may lead her to find her way back to Cain.

Hmmmm. So she’s definitely someone who may have some involvement in this plot. Though, er, so is everyone else on screen so don’t quote us on that.

Oh Ashley, we do miss you (Credit: ITV)

The acid attack storyline will come after Emmerdale have seriously excelled in soap drama terms lately, with Rhona’s court case against her rapist ex Pierce giving us telly goosebumps.

Before that there was Ashley’s dementia and subsequent death, which won the soap a whole load of critical acclaim.

Jai and Nell has been the most recent cotroversial dramatic plot (Credit: ITV)

We’ve also just seen Jai discover that Nell has been lying to him over her ‘daughter’, drug addiction and… well everything she’s ever said pretty much.

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All of it’s been done brilliantly so if we trust anyone to handle such a sensitive topic as acid attacks, it’s Emmerdale.

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