Katie Price reportedly forced to postpone one of her tour dates

She's going through a tough time

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Katie Price is going through an unbelievable amount of trauma at the moment, and the stress has taken so much of a toll on her she has had to postpone one of her tour gigs.

Katie recently learned that her mum, who she is very close to, has been diagnosed with a terminal lung condition called idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis.

Katie and her mum have a good relationship

The news came shortly after Katie found out her husband Kieran Hayler had been cheating on her with the kids’ nanny Nikki Brown.

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If that weren’t enough, the former glamour model heartbreakingly revealed on a recent Loose Women that she suffered a miscarriage four days before finding out about her husband’s infidelity.

So it’s no wonder that all the stress is taking its toll on Katie and she has reportedly had to pull out of the Brighton date of her tour An Audience With Katie Price.

It is reported the date will be postponed until November, but it was originally scheduled for tonight.

Credit: ITV
Amy spoke on Loose Women about dealing with her terminal illness (Credit: ITV)

A source has told The Sun: “Katie has decided to take some time away from her tour as she deals with the devastating news about her mum.

“It’s been a really tough few weeks and Katie just needs a few days away to process everything that has happened.”

Katie’s mum Amy, 64, sadly only has a predicted three to five years left to live and she went onto Loose Women earlier this week to discuss how her family are coping.

She revealed: “It’s not just Kate, it’s [my daughter] Sophie and my son Dan. They’re the same as well. I’m the same. I know I’ve got it, but because I don’t feel bad, I’m tolerant of it.

“I think it’s the way we deal with things, like OK what’s the next stage then? What have I got to do? I think we just all deal with it like that.

Kieran admitted to cheating on Katie with the nanny (Credit: Instagram)

“It was the same when [Katie’s son] Harvey got diagnosed, it was OK he’s got that, what do we do now?”

Amy is clearly worried about Katie amidst her break up with Kieran, as she said: “I’m not going to peg off until she’s settled.

“I think it’s about time you got yourself together properly and took life more seriously and be settled.”

Amy admitted she wants to leave letters to her family before she dies. She admitted: “What I want to do is make sure that all my thoughts on everyone is written down, so they’ve got a reminder from me.”

Katie responded: “Mum, you’re not going anywhere yet, so chill out!”

Katie also spoke out about her imminent divorce on another episode of Loose Women, and third husband Kieran has finally released a statement to the press about the affair.

He told The Sun: “What I’ve done to Katie makes me sick. It’s unforgivable. Katie is stunning and knows I didn’t do any of this because of her.

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“Katie is different at home to the celebrity you see on TV, she’s vulnerable and I hate myself for what I’ve done to her.”

The children’s nanny Nikki denied the cheating allegations but Kieran hit back at her as he said: “I refuse to have Katie wrongly branded a liar.

“Sadly Katie is telling the truth – I cheated on her with our nanny.”

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