Renewed strain for Mark and Michelle’s marriage?

Couple's relationship faces constant scrutiny

First things first, we were beyond excited when Michelle Keegan announced she would be filming another series of the super-brilliant Our Girl.

But doing her duty for the viewing pleasure of the nation is set to come at a price for her personal life – namely her marriage to Mark Wright.

Working on her first series in South Africa took the former Coronation Street star away from her hubby for a long stretch.

She admitted that time apart had been tough on them, revealing in July she was desperate for a holiday after filming two shows back to back on location left little time for her private life.

“Our Girl is going to be shown in the autumn and I’ve just got a new show ITV drama Tina and Bobby] about Bobby Moore, which I’m very excited about.”

“Then I’m definitely going away with Mark and we’re going to have a nice relaxing holiday.

“We’ve both been so busy recently, so it will be nice to get away.”

And, after the break, relieved Michelle gushed: “We have just had three days in Majorca which was lovely.”

“It was so nice to have each other’s undivided attention and not to have to plan anything.

“It wasn’t like, ‘I need to be up for filming’ or ‘I need to do the radio’. It was just downtime.”

Michelle’s work on the new run of Our Girl will take her back to South Africa’s Cape Town for another four months.

Hopefully, this time around Mark will be able to fit lots of spare time into his work schedule so he can go visit her – and so the pair can avoid the same scrutiny that was placed on their relationship beforehand.

Meanwhile, Paul Pieterse, a stuntman on the series, has welcomed the news that the 29-year-old beauty is back for the third series.

He revealed: “She is growing and growing as an actress. She will put her heart and soul into it again.

“That’s what she does when she works. She becomes the character and lives the character.”

After confirming her return to Our Girl, Michelle told her Twitter fans: “Thank you so much for your amazing support. I feel so emotional right now. Here’s to series 3.”

Yep. Bring. It. ON!

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