Remember this Ben Mitchell? He looks completely different now!

That's quite a change

EastEnders’ Ben Mitchell has had many faces before the most recent one, Harry Reid, took over the role.

But back between 2004 and 2010, he was played by a lad called Charlie Jones.

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Charlie was the show-tune loving incarnation of Ben, who danced round the living room to the musicals with Heather Trott.

He also suffered abuse at the hands of his dad, Phil Mitchell’s, financée, Stella Crawford.

He was last seen heading to prison for assaulting Jordan Johnson with a spanner and when he returned he had a new face.

Well, now the actor himself has got a very new face too because he’s all grown up!

Sharing pictures on his Instagram account, Charlie, who is set to turn 21 in June, is a far cry from the kid he was.

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And he hasn’t given up on showbiz either, he’s currently training as an actor at the Academy of Live and Recorded Arts in London.

Could we see him pop up on our screens again very soon?

The role of Ben now firmly belongs to Harry, but could Charlie make his mark elsewhere?