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Sunday 5th July 2020

Remember Boaty McBoatface? Now meet Gritney Spears!

Council invited Twitter to name its new gritter and the suggestions are HILARIOUS

Remember when the Natural Environmental Research Council invited the British public to name their new £200 million vessel - and the most popular suggestion was Boaty McBoatface?

(Usain Bolt, Ice Ice Baby and Notthetitanic were also quite popular.)

You'd have thought that was a lesson learned never to ask normal people to name things.

Apparently not. Not if you are Oldham Council.

They decided to to invite the general public to come up with a name for their new gritter.

Yes, a gritter. (Those things that drop grit on the road after it's snowed. Usually two days after we've all gone A over T anyway.)

And - guess what - Twitter didn't disappoint. There was an outpouring of pun-tastic suggestions that made us feel proud of being British all over again.