Remember Boaty McBoatface? Now meet Gritney Spears!

Council invited Twitter to name its new gritter and the suggestions are HILARIOUS

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Remember when the Natural Environmental Research Council invited the British public to name their new £200 million vessel – and the most popular suggestion was Boaty McBoatface?

(Usain Bolt, Ice Ice Baby and Notthetitanic were also quite popular.)

You’d have thought that was a lesson learned never to ask normal people to name things.

Apparently not. Not if you are Oldham Council.

They decided to to invite the general public to come up with a name for their new gritter.

Yes, a gritter. (Those things that drop grit on the road after it’s snowed. Usually two days after we’ve all gone A over T anyway.)

And – guess what – Twitter didn’t disappoint. There was an outpouring of pun-tastic suggestions that made us feel proud of being British all over again.