Remember these? 15 adverts from the 90s that will transport you back to your childhood!

Nostalgia has never smelled - or tasted - so sweet

There’s nothing that takes you back to your childhood more than the nostalgia of adverts – other than maybe eating a cheesestring or playing on a Tamagotchi.

Because as a kid, being able to quote or sing along to the most popular ads on TV made us seem *really* cool, right? (No? Well, this is awkward … )

We thought we’d take a trip back down memory lane and search out some of the biggest adverts from the ’90s and noughties. Keep an open mind – some might not seem quite as polished as you remembered them being – and you’re in for a treat.

1. McCain chips

Yeah, we’d have gone with chips too – food over family members every time.

2. Jaffa cakes

If you don’t still do “half moon, full moon, total eclipse” when you eat jaffa cakes are you even a ’90s kid?

3. Accrington Stanley Milk advert

It was recently recreated using vodka it’s that good an advert.

4. Reebok

We probably thought it as a kid and we definitely think it now … why the giant belly? Why?!

5. Weetabix

Have you had your Weetabix?

6. Fruitella

This is probably the best use of a song out of the lot. And it’s now going to be in our heads all day long …

7. Club biscuits

One of those adverts we’d totally forgotten about … there are not enough Club biscuits in our lives today.

Are you team orange or team mint though?

8. Tango

You know when you’ve been tangoed … but well, there’s no denying this advert is a little bizarre.

9. Kellogs Corn Pops

We have two questions. 1. What on earth happened to Corn Pops? 2. Why does this music sound like we’re in a club?

10. Opal Fruits/Starburst

Chosen because of all the drama the name-changing caused … Let’s all take a moment to remember Opal Fruit. R.I.P.

11. Penguin

All together now: P-P-Pick up a penguin.

12. Cadbury

Alright, we were getting on a bit by the time this advert was on our screens, but it can’t be missed out because everyone at school was talking about it. Genius.

13. John West salmon

“Look! An eagle!”

14. Crunchie

Surely you remember this chocolate rollercoaster …

15. John Smith

How was that for a trip down memory lane?