Relief as EastEnders favourite signs new contract

We were concerned that her character would be exiting soon...

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Longevity in soapland is never guaranteed – even if a character is longstanding and has proved popular with fans.

Just look at the fate of Ronnie and Roxy on New Year’s Day.

So we are breathing a little sigh of relief to hear that Jacqueline Jossa has just signed a brand new contract with EastEnders.

Let’s face it, the way Lauren’s storyline has been going of late, there was every danger she might depart.

And perhaps not of her own choosing…

Regular visitors to Walford will know that her boyfriend Steven is beginning to display sociopathic characteristics.

He has already secretly pricked a condom to successfully get his girlfriend pregnant.

Lauren hasn’t told him she is expecting – or that she is planning an abortion.

(Or, indeed, that she has snogged her boss.)

But he is tracking her with a device on her mobile phone – and this can only mean VERY BAD THINGS.

Jacqueline, who is set to wed partner Dan Osborne in a few weeks, has recently spoken of her future at EastEnders, under new show runner Sean O’Connor.

She said: “Sean has really changed the way we all work. I know there is something big coming up.

“But we don’t get told what’s going to happen in advance and only find out once we read our scripts.

“It’s a great way to work as we get the shock factor.”