Coronation Street release dramatic trailer showing firebomb and kidnap horror for Michelle and Robert

Things are set to take a dark turn for them

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Coronation Street have released a dramatic trailer which reveals just how bad things are going to get for Michelle Connor and Robert Preston over the next week.

But just who is responsible for the Vendetta that’s seemingly being waged against them – and why?

Things have been tense between the pair ever since Chesney’s stabbing and Robert’s involvement with Rich. Although Michelle is standing by her man after he had Rich arrested by the police, the drug dealer’s threats seem to be becoming true after he vowed revenge.

Wednesday night’s episode saw an article in the local paper about the attack affecting Robert’s business as people started to cancel their bookings.

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Michelle was jumpy after hearing a noise (Credit: ITV)

When Michelle was later working alone at the Bistro doing paperwork, she heard a strange noise and ventured out to investigate.

Armed with a bottle, she was shocked as she saw someone had daubed R.I.P in red paint across the wall.

Michelle was terrified to see someone had vandalised the restaurant (Credit: ITV)

But it turns out this is just the beginning as on Friday a hooded youth throws a Molotov cocktail at the Bistro door with a horrified Robert and Michelle watching on.

Robert immediately chases the thug with Michelle screaming after him to come back as the flames rage around the front door – is he putting himself in even more danger?

A thug firebombs the Bistro (Credit: ITV)

The couple report everything to the police and at the beginning of next week, think everything has stopped and they are safe again.

But then Robert sees Michelle’s car window has been smashed and is desperate to get it fixed before she sees it and worries the vendetta is far from over.

He’s convinced it’s Rich who’s behind it all, but Rich has a cast-iron alibi. Robert’s not convinced though, and tells his ex-mate: “You stay away from me, I’m not going to tell you again.”

Is that really enough to warn someone as fearsome as the baldy thug off though? We’re not sure we’d be all that scared of Robert…

A fed up ‘Chelle does find out about the car window and berates Robert for lying to her again.

After an awkward double date with Maria and Will, the latter decide to escape into town, and determined to have some time away from Robert, Michelle offers to drive them.

Suddenly aware she’s being watched, Michelle panics (Credit: ITV)

But as she sits alone at a bar, she gets the feeling she’s being watched and is soon trying to escape from her tormentor.

As the trailer ends, it shows she’s not that successful as she’s seen gagged and lying on the floor in the dark. Will she be okay?

Michelle’s in danger, who can save her? (Credit: ITV)

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Just who is doing this to them? Is it Rich? Or is Robert’s determination to prove it is him merely making it easier for the real stalker to get away with their crimes?

Earlier on in the trailer Adam Barlow, who is representing Chesney for compensation over his stabbing, tells them to give Ches 10 grand and “this all goes away”. He might be referring to the legal battle – or he might be referring to the campaign of terror…

Adam means business – but what sort of business? (Credit: ITV)

We wouldn’t put it past Adam to pull something like this, he’s done worse in the past, but would Chesney really be involved?

All will be revealed in a dramatic set of episodes next week.

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