Redwater viewers shocked by surprise kiss between two male cousins

They were shocked that the two fellas had a snog in the loo

Redwater viewers were shocked last night when two male cousins ended up snogging out of the blue.

The surprise smooch drove fans of the show to express their astonishment on social media.

But it wasn’t the fact it was two men kissing that caused viewers to have to steady themselves, it was the fact they were blood relatives.

Viewers were stunned when blood relatives Andrew and Kieran had a snog in a toilet (Credit: BBC)

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In the ‘controversial’ scene, viewers watched married dad Andrew and his cousin Kieran, who had flown in from the States for a memorial service for their grandad who had drowned, have a play fight before they ended up falling into a passionate embrace.

After a moment, the boys realised what they were doing was inappropriate and Andrew told Kieran:  “We can’t.”

“I know – sorry,” Kieran replied.

The two boys realised what they were doing was wrong and went their separate ways (credit: BBC)

Why they were drawn to each other is yet another mystery to be solved in this weird series.

Perhaps the passionate kiss had been a build up from all the stresses Kieran had been experiencing of late in the village.

Since arriving in Ireland, he had been haunted by flashbacks from 20 years before when his aunt died in a boating accident.

Both fellas had a lot going in their lives before they kissed (Credit: BBC)

Meanwhile, poor Andrew has been having a tough time of it too, having to deal with his pregnant wife and an anxious teenage daughter who has been trying to get over the shock of finding her great-grandfather dead on the beach.

Whatever the reason for the tender moment, the kiss took fans of the show by surprise because they reckoned it was “too soap”.

Too soap? As if there ever could be such a thing!

One viewer said: “I guess it wouldn’t be an eastEnders spinoff without gay kissing cousins. #Redwater”

Another added: “The cousins are KISSING #redwater”

A third gasped: “Oooo now I didn’t see that coming #TheKiss #redwater”

But once the kiss was done, some viewers began speculating that with all the twists and turns on Redwater, perhaps Kieran and Andrew weren’t actually blood relatives after all.

Is Dermott really Kat’s long lost son or could one of the kissing cousins be? (Credit: BBC)

In fact, some thought perhaps one of the fellas could actually be Kat’s long lost son, even though Dermott the local priest (and resident murderer) told her he was her son.

With just a handful of episodes left, viewers are now expecting the unexpected.

Viewers are concerned about Alfie’s health – will he survive the series? (Credit: BBC)

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But that’s not all that has got viewers on the edge of their seats.

There’s also a fear among the viewers that Alfie’s health will take a turn for the worse before the series ends.

Diagnosed in EastEnders back in 2015 as having a brain tumour, the legendary soap character has been showing signs of pain during Redwater and fans are beginning to wonder if his condition may worsen.

Could that be the shocking cliffhanger that will end the series that the show producer Dominic Treadwell-Collins promised a while ago?

We guess we’ll have to tune in and find out.

The show continues next Thursday.

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