Redwater set to air another surprise tonight

After last week's opening, the drama keeps on coming

Last week’s opening episode of Redwater had fans on the edge of their seats, likening it to ITV drama Broadchurch.

The EastEnders’ Kat and Alfie spin off sees the popular Moons head to the small Irish village in search of Kat’s long-lost son, Zoe’s twin, who was taken away from Kat at birth.

Kat (or Kathleen as she is known in this) is convinced farmer Andrew is her boy and has been following him and trying to make conversation at every turn.

But viewers know local priest Father Dermott is actually her son, and he also harbours a murderous secret.

At the very end of last week’s episode he drowned Lance, who had just revealed to him he’d been adopted and Kat was his real mum.

It was also revealed Dermott had let his adopted mum die years before in an accident at sea. So Kat’s son is slightly unhinged…

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With the family in mourning, the funeral is tough going.

Lance and Agnes’s other daughter Eileen is back from the States with her son Kieran and it’s not long before old tensions rise between sister’s Eileen and Roisin.

Meanwhile, Kat still wants to find any opportunity she can to get close to Andrew, and despite Alfie’s protests that they shouldn’t go to the wake, she insists they attend.

But will she be welcome? And will she get the answers she’s looking for when she starts asking around about Andrew?

As the deceased’s will is read, there’s another shock in store for the family. Can they pull together in spite of this news?

As for Kat and Alfie, when Tommy goes missing, they frantically search the area looking for their little boy.

Arriving at the church with Agnes, they are relived to see Tommy is safe.

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But the lad has news for them that’s set to send them spiralling.

What has Tommy found out? And how will it affect the future of Kathleen and Alfie in Redwater?

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