Redwater fans worried for Alfie after last night’s episode

Is he going to be okay?

The EastEnders Kat and Alfie spin-off, Redwater, continued last night and saw Kat discover which resident of the sleepy Irish town that holds a lot of secrets, was actually her son.

But it was what’s going on with Alfie that had fans most concerned.

Kat and Alfie have gone to Ireland in search of Kat’s long-lost son. They’ve left twins Bert and Ernie at home, but have other son Tommy with them.

Kat and Alfie are searching for Kat’s son (Credit: BBC)

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Throughout the first episode, Kat was convinced local farmer, Andy, was her boy, and took every opportunity she could possibly find to talk to him.

She spent last night pretty much stalking him, despite Alfie telling her they needed to back off.

Of course, viewers know priest, Father Dermott, is actually Kat’s son.

The killer priest is Kat’s son (Credit: BBC)

And we also know he’s harbouring a huge secret – he’s a murderer. We watched him kill Lance last week after the old man told Dermott who his real mum was, and then we saw a flashback to 1994 when Dermott also let his adopted mother drown at sea.

The second episode was heavily focused on Lance’s funeral and the shocks that his will provided.

Little Tommy found out what they were really doing in Ireland and became determined to find his big brother, despite his parents insisting they were going home.

He ended up running away and bumping into Father Dermott in a rainy churchyard. Dermott took him inside and Kat and Alfie, along with Agnes, burst in to find them praying together.

Tommy found out Dermott’s identity before anyone else (Credit: BBC)

Tommy then announced: “I did it. I found my brother,” to a very surprised Kat.

But it wasn’t the reunion of mother and son that had fans tweeting, it was their worry for Alfie.

The character has a brain tumour and when he left Walford, he didn’t seem interested in getting it treated.

But he’s been suffering from strange visions and blurry sight, and viewers fear this could only mean one thing: they’re planning for Alfie not to make the end of the series.

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The future of Alfie is being kept a closely guarded secret.

However Jessie Wallace has recently revealed she “doesn’t miss” EastEnders, which could rule out a comeback to the soap.

Would Kat’s reasoning for not going back be because the place holds too many memories for her and her beloved Alfie?

It would all add up. But surely they wouldn’t get rid of one of the most popular Enders’ characters ever, would they?

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