Red carpet fiasco averted as Geordie Shore rivals stay apart

The two sparring reality stars were heading for a red carpet massacre

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World war three was narrowly avoided last night at the MTV EMAs as two stars threatened to come face to face after a massive fall out.

No, it wasn’t Taylor Swift and Kanye West (again). No this time the feuding stars were a lot closer to home and lot less A-List!

Geordie Shore stars and former lovers Charlotte Crosby and Gaz Beadle made an extra effort to keep out of each other’s way when they arrived at the prestigious awards in Rotterdam.

The couple split in spectacular fashion earlier this year when it was revealed he’d cheated on Charlotteduring his time filming Ex On The Beach.

Relations got frostier between the two when Charlotte revealed in Heat mag that she had felt neglected by Gaz when she had lost his baby – a subject he thought was way too personal to share in public.

Both Gaz and Charlotte have since made it quite clear that they have not wanted to see each other anytime soon.

So when it was announced they were both set to appear at the awards last month, we feared the worst and that the pair would end up having a massive Geordie Short bust up on the red carpet in front of the world’s media.

But luckily, (actually who are we kidding – a celeb spat would have been ace) a hit-on collision was avoided when Charlotte walked the red carpet on her own safely ahead of the cast of Geordie Shore

But could there be a chance of the pair ever burying the hatchet – and by that, we mean NOT in each other? Perhaps there is, if you read what Gaz recently had to say about his former friend with benefits…

“We don’t speak any more. Not in a bad way, it’s just better for us both,” Gaz told The Sun.

“We needed one of us to leave Geordie Shorebefore we could move on properly…

“Now Charlotte can get on with her life and I can do my thing…”

He also went on to say that life for him wasn’t the same anymore now that Charlotte had quit the show that had made the pair of them beloved household names among the 16 to 25 year old demographic.

“She’ll always be missed, as she was a massive part of Geordie Shore,” Gaz said, almost lovingly. “Whenever I was upset after an argument with someone, I’d go and see her.

“When we were filming, there would be moments when I’d know exactly what Charlotte would say in a certain situation. Plus, I loved having a dance with her on nights out.”

Come on guys, pull yourselves together, have a chat and be mates again. We miss you both being together.

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