Rebekah Vardy called police after sick trolls targeted daughter

I'm A Celeb star has experienced the tough side of fame

Rebekah Vardy has already warned that nasty people will be blocked on her social media accounts while she’s in the I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! jungle.

And given the horrific comments she’s been subjected to in the past, it’s no wonder Becky adopts such a hard line approach to trolling.

The 35-year-old has frequently spoken out about the vile remarks she receives on Twitter – and shockingly, even her young children have been targeted by sick messages.

Becky with Leicester and England footballer husband Jamie (Credit: FameFlynet)

Appearing on Frankie Bridge’s documentary, Celebrity Trolls: We’re Coming To Get You, the WAG recounted her disgust after trolls took aim at her and footballer husband Jamie’s two-year-old daughter Sofia.

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A tearful Becky choked up as she said: “The worst tweets were when I posted a picture of Sofia on social media. We had been at a football game and was looking really cute and had a little clip in her hair.

“She was in Jamie’s football kit and I put a picture of her on social media. Someone responded saying that she deserved to be raped. I don’t think I’ve ever read anything so disgusting.”

“I was distraught.” she added. “We got the police involved straightaway.

“They traced his IP address back to being in India. I wanted that person to be found and punished for what he said but obviously if they aren’t in this country, you can’t.”

Instagram @BeckyVardy
Becky involved the police over vile tweets about her kids (Credit: Instagram @BeckyVardy)

And little Sofia wasn’t the only member of the Vardy family targeted by sick trolls: Becky and Jamie’s baby son Finley has also been subjected to vile comments.

She said: “A football fan tweeted to say he wished our son had been stillborn, which was just awful. I don’t think he was even two weeks old then.”

Becky added to The Sun: “Jamie was furious. Both of us just wanted five minutes in a room with that person.

Becky is currently in the jungle (Credit: ITV)

“It really [bleeps] me off. People can say whatever they want to me. I’m thick skinned.

“I have been through so much and the only way I know how to be is strong. But once people bring my ­children into it, it’s a whole ­different ball game.”

Becky is also mum to daughter Megan, 12, and son Taylor, six, from previous relationships.

In a separate interview with Loose Women, Becky said the trolls were a “minority of people” but upsetting and worrying enough that she and Jamie have employed full-time security.

Becky spoke about trollig on Loose Women (Credit: ITV)

“We have security because you never know; you can’t take things for granted or know if a person will follow through with something, so to brush it off or do nothing would be stupid,” she said.

“We’ve had death threats. I had someone try to run me off the road the other day.

“I don’t think I’d ever stop reading it because I think the minute you take yourself away from that is the minute the trolls win.”

So, it’s no wonder Becky has a zero tolerance approach to trolling, right?

Becky’s Twitter account will block abusive messages (Credit: Twitter)

Her official Twitter account warned last week that people who send abusive messages while Becky is in the I’m A Celebrity jungle will be blocked.

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A tweet sent on Becky’s behalf read: “Thanks for all the lovely tweets so far! Strange to see all the abusive ones too & then stranger to see that these people who hate her or ‘have never heard of her’ actually follow her.

“Nasty people will be blocked.”