Reality TV star slammed by Sir David Attenborough

The wildlife legend's not happy!

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As anyone who watches his TV shows will tell you, there isn’t much that fazes Bear Grylls.

The survivalist, 43, has endured freezing cold temperatures to climb Everest, sailed across the Atlantic in an inflatable boat, and even survived a parachuting accident.

But even he might be slightly stunned following a scathing attack by veteran broadcaster Sir David Attenborough.

Blue Planet legend Sir David, 91, went on the offensive during an interview with The Sun, revealing his unhappiness that Bear, 43, has allowed animals to be killed on screen.

Bear’s Channel 4 reality show, Celebrity Island With Bear Grylls, was criticised last year after celebrities including former Corrie actor Ryan Thomas and Olympic athlete Ryan Thomas were seen killing a caiman crocodile.

Ofcom received 11 complaints after the scenes were broadcast.

And Elisa Allen, director of animal-rights charity PETA, told The Sun at the time: “Caimans are shy animals, and this one was a baby.

“They’re not a threat to humans, so taking a life for the shock value is shameful and cowardly, and shows that the only real predators on this programme are the miserable celebrities and producers.”

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Sir David seemed to be referring to that incident when he took a swipe at his fellow outdoorsy type, criticising the slaughter of animals for the sake of entertainment.

He told the newspaper: “We’ve never killed an animal… Bear Grylls will have to answer for himself.

“I wouldn’t willingly kill an animal just to get a shot.”

Sir David’s attack isn’t the first time the two wildlife broadcasters have crossed swords.

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Bear once remarked that Attenborough’s programmes were a “bit dry” for modern audiences.

He told the Radio Times: “If it’s just natural history, it can be a bit dry. When Attenborough was 25, it was totally not dry because it was totally new, but to do something for young people now, it needs that adventure, I think, to inspire them.”

Well, considering Blue Planet II beat both X Factor and Strictly on its launch, with more than 10 million viewers, it’s clear most of us think Attenborough’s shows are anything but dry!

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