Reality TV star cheated on girlfriend on Valentine’s Day

Why would he do that to her?!

Former Celebrity Big Brother lovebirds Marnie Simpson and Lewis Bloor have SPLIT.

A heartbroken Marnie Simpson has lashed out at her cheating ex and labelled him a ‘scumbag’ in an explosive rant.

The Only Way Is Essex star was caught cheating on Valentine’s Day. Way to go Lewis.

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Marnie said that she had attempted to call him 10 times during Valentine’s night, and that she had a ‘gut feeling’ something was up. In a fit of rage that night, Marnie admitted to ‘smashing up her house.’

The Sun revealed a clip of Lewis in bed kissing a pretty brunette while she straddles him.

The girl, called Ammelia Guest said that the Towie hunk was ‘pervy’ with her from the start.

She added: “There was loads of traffic and we were playing drinking games in the back – he was begging me to spit neat vodka in to his mouth.”

When asked about his relationship with Marnie, Lewis supposedly said: “It’s not like that, it’s just for the money. That’s why we stay together.”

A gutted Marnie took to Twitter and said: “Didn’t really want the whole country to know but looks like that didn’t last long . Happy Valentine’s Day to me. U [naughty word] scumbag”

She then thanked everybody for their support and told her followers: “Don’t make eternal life long promises with a deceiver…”

The Geordie star devastatingly wrote: “…u always end up getting your [heart] broken [sic]”

Later on she took to Snapchat to share an emotional video.

“I don’t normally do videos but I feel like I want to get my point across about what the hell’s just happened.

“I was filming Geordie Shore for three weeks with no contact with the outside world, no phone, so I haven’t been able to contact anyone.

“On Valentines night I was really upset, so I sent Lewis a lovely Valentine’s card, like three pages long.”

After relentlessly trying to get hold him, she said: “I thought that’s weird as he was at Drake last night. I had this gut feeling. Then he finally answered hours later and told me he hadn’t had any missed calls and I thought “that’s weird I’ve rang you 10 times.”

“On the phone he was like ‘oh my god baby I miss you so much, I cannot wait for you to come back to our home like it’s been so hard without you.'”

She then went on to say how she cried, screamed and smashed her house up in rage.

In reference to the fact Lewis told Ammelia how they were only together for the money, she said: “The worst thing about this for me is that I literally, I provide for Lewis, I have for practically the last eight months, I have literally done everything I can.

“Thousands, thousands he’s had out of me. Then he has the audacity to tell the girl that he’s only with me for the money.

“He also told the girl that he was going to pick me up on Monday but keep Friday and Saturday free to take her out.

“While he’s just living in the house that I paid for, driving round in my Range Rover he’s just kindly [naughty word] girls on Valentine’s Day.

“I’ve literally just spent seven months of my life with an absolute phoney, a lying cheating scumbag.”

The stunning brunette added that she has cried all the tears she has to cry and thanked the girls Lewis cheated on her with because if it wasn’t for them, she’d still be with him.

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Referring to her former flame Aaron Chalmers, she added: ”Also one more thing, I’ve just did a 12 episode series of Geordie Shore with my ex boyfriend who I was quite serious with and I was able to keep my knickers on, why couldn’t he?

“The thing is when you love someone it’s not a hard thing to stay faithful, I find it really easy to stay faithful when I love them but some people aren’t real, they’re fake and pretend that they’re in love with you when they’re really not. Sad.”

Well, you are MUCH better off without him Marnie.