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Tuesday 4th August 2020

Reality TV star Chanelle Hayes proves bigger women are beach-body beautiful

After years of changing shape, she's embracing her curves

Reality TV star Chanelle Hayes has been every size under the sun: skinny, curvey, fuller... 'fat'. After years of yo-yo dieting the inspirational mum of one has decided to stop trying to live up to unrealistic expectations created by the fashion and celebrity world. She's now embracing the body she feel's happiest and healthiest with. But, as these pics show, it's been one hell of a ride to get there...

Starting out and super slim in 2007

Chanelle Hayes quickly became a favourite with viewers when she appeared in the UK Big Brother house in the summer of 2007, looking more than a little like Victoria Beckham with her blonde crop and lithe Size 6 figure.

Lads' mags star

After leaving the Big Brother house, Chanelle, then 19 years old, was inundated with offers from magazines to show off her sexy figure and perky 34B assets - and, boy, did she ride that cash cow...Rocking a baby bump

In 2010, pregnant Chanelle hit the beach, proudly showed her growing baby tummy and glowing at the prospect of motherhood in just a couple of months...Reality star goes under the knife for a boob job and liposuction

Unhappy with her two-stone weight gain after becoming a mum the year previous, in 2011 the pin-up had liposuction and boosted her natural breasts to 34F. "I love my new body," she declared.Showing off the stunning results of that post-pregnancy cosmetic surgery

Chanelle then took her surgically enhanced bod on the road - rather, to the beach - to show everyone (the lads' mags) how sensational she was looking again after becoming a mum.Help! Chanelle Hayes' hot bod is trapped in a very tiny cage!

The reality TV star turned model stripped off for a super raunchy shoot to shake what her surgeon gave her, feeling confident enough to basically go naked. And who's complaining?!New Year, new Chanelle!

January 2014 and Chanelle is snapped going for the burn with a personal trainer. Dressed in a crop vest, it's clear the over-indulgence stretches back further than Christmas, but now the mum-of-one is taking back control.Chanelle is shocked by 13-stone frame in holiday snap

Chanelle's holiday snap became a catalyst for change as she once again decided that it was time to reverse her weight gain.

What a weight off! Chanelle's dramatic drop from Size 16 - Size 8

May 2014 and Chanelle was all smiles as she took to a London roof to show off her impressive four-stone weight loss, posing alongside a life-size cut-out of her, pre-regime (and pre-fake tan).

Kim Kardashian-in-training: Is this Chanelle? Corset is!

At the start of 2015, Chanelle was still doing an impressive job of keeping the weight she'd lost off and, inspired by Kim Kardashian's tiny middle, invested in a waist-trainer corset.Chanelle's figure begins to flesh out again a little...

In April 2015, Chanelle slipped into a sugar-pink bikini while on holiday but wasn't feeling too body confident, having put on two and a half stones in just four months. "I've no one but myself to blame," she exclaimed. "I'm gutted I have gained weight."

Chanelle blows up and decides: 'To hell with the diet!'

The model was snapped on holiday, indulging in calorie-laden crisps and cocktails - as well as ice cream. It's August 2015 and the former BB star has gained a further two stones since April. Does that face look bovvered though?Chanelle's lounging and larger than ever

April 2016, the reality star has found peace in her heavier body, saying: "Yeah, I'm a Size 16. I don't feel like I need to be thin, I don't feel like I need to lose weight. I've done so many yo-yo diets over the years and I'm done with them, they're not healthy. I'm not Cindy Crawford, never was and I'm never going to be. I'm just Chanelle and I enjoy exactly who I am."

Proud to be a 'roll' model!

Following those latest bikini pics, defiant Chanelle Hayes appeared on ITV's This Morning in April this year to reveal that she is now a plus-size model. Admitting that she has a pizza and doughnut addiction, she added: "I don't think I look hideous. I think I look nice."

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