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Parenting differences the real reason behind Cheryl and Liam split?

Pals say she was left holding the baby

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The real reason for the split between singers Cheryl and Liam Payne may have been revealed – reports have claimed Cheryl dumped Liam due to his failure to share parenting duties.

The pair – who are parents of one-year-old Bear, announced that they had split in July, after months of speculation over the state of their relationship.

Sources have claimed the couple split over parenting commitments to son Bear (Credit: Instagram)

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According to a report made by The Sun, Cheryl grew tired of Liam’s commitment to his solo career – and corresponding neglect of his duties as a father.

Their sources claim that Cheryl felt like she was raising the couple’s son on her own, without enough contribution from the One Direction star.

In the months after Bear was born, Liam was away from home a lot, as he attempted to establish himself as a solo artist.

With the amount of time Liam was spending on the road, Cheryl leaned on her mum Joan, for the support she wasn’t getting from him, they allege.

Instagram @liampayne)
The amount of time Liam spent on the road was getting in the way of his parenting (Credit: Instagram)

Liam missed several milestones due to his travelling – including his first Father’s Day – and spend almost an entire month away from Cheryl and bear in June.

The Sun had previously reported that the couple’s approach to their relationship, and to being parents, was ultimately incompatible.

“Liam wants to make his pop career work, so he’s happy to fly all over the world and keep in touch by Facetime,” The Sun’s source said.

“He’s obsessed with social media and putting his life on there – he loves being famous. Cheryl on the other hand, is very private and her number one priority is Bear.

“She always puts him first, and loves to stay at home with him. In the end, they just didn’t have much in common.”

The pair are said to both be including details of the break up in their music (Credit: WENN)

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There have been claims that Cheryl’s upcoming album will deal with the split in detail – following on from Liam’s new song, Depend On It, which fans have seen as an account of the break up.

The song include the lyrics, “Tell me what I already,   already know. I know your mind’s already made up,” which has been taken as an indication that it was Cheryl who ended the relationship.

Entertainment Daily has contacted reps for Cheryl and Liam for comment on this story.

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