Real life vampire drinks boyfriend’s BLOOD and avoids sunlight

Georgina Condon finds the taste of the red stuff "arousing"

Have you ever come across a real-life vampire?

Well we have!

Georgina Condon is not your average 39-year-old.

She has been drinking the blood of willing “donors” including her boyfriend’s for more than 20 years.

Georgina also wears specially made fangs and avoids sunlight.

The makeup artist first craved the red stuff when she was just 12 years old.

She first cut herself to suck her own blood, then eventually moved on to willing volunteers or ‘donors’.

She told “Like everyone else, I had more than my fair share of cuts and grazes while growing up.

 “But unlike most kids, I developed a strong impulse to taste the blood from my wounds.

“It was only when I started to see vampires in TV and in movies that I realised what I was one too.”

She added: “I took to hanging around in the local cemetery with a few other goths the same age as me.

“One night were having a few drinks and somehow we got onto the subject. There was a girl in the group and she offered for me to be able to taste her blood.

“I didn’t feel bad about it because she was so willing, also she was well-known for being a virgin, so I knew it was a safe option — disease wise, I mean.”

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“When I tasted it, I knew straight away that I liked it. My own blood just didn’t compare to the high I got. I was hooked!”

Georgina then moved on to guys, saying it was “pretty easy to find one to drink from.”

Nowadays, she only sucks blood from one man and that’s her boyfriend Zameal.

Describing her three-year relationship she said: “He still doesn’t like it really, but he knows that I need it to stay satisfied. It’s like not getting sex — if I stopped having sex with him, he’d feel exactly the same way.

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“In fact, we often use it as an introduction to sex, it’s part and parcel of lovemaking for us, kind of like foreplay.”

Georgina believes her craving for blood is a result of a rare disorder she suffers from called thalassemia – which affects haemoglobin production in red blood cells.

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