Ready Steady Cook star beaten unconscious in street attack

Chef reveals horrific injuries on social media

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Celebrity chef Nick Nairn is nursing his wounds after being attacked in an Aberdeen street last night.

In a candid tweet, the Ready Steady Cook and Landward star, 58, claimed that he’d been knocked unconscious after a verbal exchange with two men while walking home from his cookery school.

And his fans were left horrified as he shared a picture of his bruised and bloodied face.

Nick Nairn/Twitter
The chef’s face is all swollen up after the assault (Credit: Nick Nairn/Twitter)

Nick said he was heading home with his operations manager, Julia Forster, at around 1am when the incident occurred.

He tweeted: “I was assaulted this morning on Union St, walking home from my Cook School.

“2 feisty chaps did this to me and ran off chased by @joolsfor! If anyone saw anything, can u call @policescotland on 101.

“They were great, as were ambulance and hospital services. I’m a bit peeved but fine.”

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Soon after the message appeared on social media, Nick’s fans were showering him with sympathy.

One follower soothed: “What a horrible thing to happen. Get well soon.”

Another wrote: “That is atrocious, chef. Take care and hope you feel better really soon. What a dreadful thing to happen to someone like you who does so much for others.”

And a third added: “Wishing you a speedy recovery, Nick. Hope you get the chance to rest up and take it easy over Christmas.”

Nick, left, has appeared on the BBC show Landward (Credit: BBC)

Later on, Nick summoned up sufficient energy to be able to thank those who’d sent their love.

He tweeted: “Very touched by all the kind messages of goodwill. Thank you so much. I’m a bit shaken but fine. Thanks also to everyone who helped last night. Nx.”

And in an interview with BBC Scotland, he elaborated on what had happened.

He explained: “Two guys in their mid-20s said something, I probably had a smart reply.

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“One punched me in the face. I think I blanked out, and came to covered in blood.

“Julia, who I was with, was hitting these guys with her handbag. They ran off.”