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Saturday 11th July 2020

Ranting Gemma Collins demands meeting with new PM Boris Johnson

"Hun, I can't get around on a Boris bike today!"

Diva Gemma Collins has issued an online rant at new Prime Minister Boris Johnson, demanding he sort out London traffic so she can get to work on time!

The TOWIE star posted a series of clips on Instagram Stories today (July 30), in which she personally addressed Boris and asked him for a meeting so she could voice what she is unhappy about in the Capital.

Insisting the PM "call" her, the GC moaned about London traffic and slammed the congestion charge and the ULEZ (Ultra Low Emission Zone) charge.

GC want words with Boris (Credit: Ana M Wiggins /

Living up to her reputation, Gemma filmed herself in the back of a car in traffic and wailed: "Boris if you're watching, please address the standstill traffic in London - hun, I can't get around on a Boris bike today!"

"This is so bizarre and not normal it needs to be addressed. If you want to come and meet with me Boris, or I'll come and meet you, we need to sort this out...I've sat here for an hour. I've got to get to work, Boris!"

Look out, BoJo! (Credit: @CameraFirm /

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But 38-year-old Gemma's complaint didn't stop there.

Continuing to call out the new Prime Minister, she added: "I drove to London myself yesterday - Boris we need to meet up - I got the congestion charge, I got the ULEZ's cheaper to get a cab into London. What is going on?

"Not everyone can get on the bikes, something has to change."

I've got to get to work, Boris!

The reality star went on to insist she is "too busy" to organise upfront payment for the fees.

"Alright I can pay them upfront but I'm the GC, I'm too busy," she said, adding: "Boris, give me a call!"

GC finally made it to her work meeting today, after much drama. (Credit:

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GC's lengthy rant to Boris is not the first time she has attempted to get involved with politics...

She recently made a confession following a political statement she made about Brexit.

Gemma previously exclaimed: "Brexit...I need to go into politics. I voted out."

But in a trailer for her new reality show, she admits to the camera: "I did tell a bit of a lie there. I was on the spot. I didn't vote 'leave Brexit'."

Never a dull day in the life of GC.

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