Pussycat Doll announces her pregnancy in a super cute way

Sexy singer and dancer reveals baby number two is on its way in the best way

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Tom Fletcher and wife Giovanna have a lot to answer for.

Once upon a time, celebs would merely announce their pregnancy by actually telling people face-to-face or by sending a tweet or even letter!

But then the McFly star and his wife took sharing baby details to the next level by making a song and dance about it.

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You may remember a year or so ago, Tom’s supercute video announcing their second child.

In a video clip, he and his wife settle down with their son Buzz to play a computer game and cleverly announce the fact G was pregnant again by panning down to a baby scan with the words PLAYER TWO LOADING on screen.

There wasn’t a dry eye across the country!

Just recently Harry Judd’s wife Izzy posted a picture of their daughter stroking her pregnant bump to announce they  too were expecting their second child.

Now Pussycat Doll Kimberly Wyatt has gone and down the same thing.

The  foxy 35-year-old singer announced the happy news by getting her daughter Willow to give her a gentle hug.

And if her growing bump wasn’t enough of a giveaway, Kimbo also teased:  “There’s a little bun-ny in the oven. Happy Easter!”

Fans were beside themselves with glee at the news and deluged her with congrats.

“Oh Kim how lovely! Congratulations sweetie x”, wrote one, while another gushed,  “Congratulations Kimberly, fantastic news! That means another well fit crew member on the way.”

This is Kimberly’s second child with husband Max Rogers, who she married back in 2014.

He too posted the pic with the caption: “My THREE girls… and a balloon bunny. Happy Easter everyone! X.”

Kim’s happy nappy news comes just a day after she opened up about how as a member of the PussyCatDolls, she was made to feel very conscious of her weight and how these days she is worried about how her daughter Willow might be influenced by the media when it comes to body image.

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“It worries me so much, ” she said.

“I saw two girls, who can’t have been older than nine, in gym wear running in the park the other day, and they were talking in detail about calories.

“It scares me so much, I don’t want Willow to need to worry about it.”