Professor Green sparks concern as he shares hospital selfie

The rapper was in surgery for hours

Professor Green has worried his fans after sharing a photo of himself in a hospital gown.

On Tuesday, the 33-year-old uploaded a pic of himself lying down and gave the camera a very unimpressed look, while being hooked up to oxygen.

The rapper wrote: “5 1/2 hours later… I’m back…”

Immediately, his Instagram followers rushed to ask what happened. “Bloody hell what happened to you man? Hope alls OK”, said one worried user.

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“Pro what on earth has happened xx”, another asked.

The morning after, on Wednesday, the Read All About You singer uploaded another snap to his 732,000 followers describing the details of his operation.

Pro revealed that he had to have three hernias surgically fixed and underwent a lengthy operation. And to make matters worse – he got the hiccups!

“The face you make when you’ve had three hernias fixed, a 14cm scar revised and you wake up to hiccups….” he wrote, along with a few expletives.


Luckily, Pro is taking it all very well.

One amused fan even wrote: “Had a boob job ain’t he “.

Another cheeky follower commented: “Good thoughts and wishes for a successful speedy recovery @professorgreen …. rocking your hospital gown …. just remember to wear your dressing gown when you use the bathroom .”

The poorly rapper has also shared a very graphic photo of what an incisional hernia looks like, just in case his fans wanted to know.

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Taking to Instagram again, he shared a photo of his insides. Look away if you’re squeamish!

“Incase you wondered what an upper abdominal, incisional hernia looked like from the inside when it’s been fixed with a large sheet of mesh.”

Well, at least we know how what he looks like on the inside!

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