Probe launched as Harvey Price ‘target of abuse from police officers’

Katie has campaigned to make online abuse illegal

Katie Price’s disabled son Harvey Price, has long been the victim of the online abuse and trolling.

So much so that Katie has even campaigned for Harvey’s Law, a law which would make all online abuse a crime.

And now she’s been dealt a new blow.

Katie's campaign is starting to get noticed (Credit: Quest Red)
Katie’s campaign is starting to get noticed (Credit: Quest Red)

According to a report in the Mirror Online,three police officers have been caught saying offensive things about her 17-year-old son.

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The report states that the British Transport Police has launched a probe at their Edinburgh station after a whistleblower tipped them off.

Three police officers are being investigated, one a constable, who could face criminal charges.

Harvey is physically and mentally disabled (Credit:

The other two will face an investigation into their misconduct at disciplinary hearings.

At least one mobile phone is reported to have been seized, which allegedly contains a video mocking Harvey.

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All three have been served with disciplinary Regulation 15 notices and will face hearings later this year.

The police told the Mirror Online: “We can confirm an officer is under investigation in relation to allegations of gross misconduct and potential criminal offences.

“He is on restricted ­administrative duties.

“Two further officers are also under investigation following claims of misconduct.”

Harvey with mum Katie at a football match (Credit: Flynet Pictures)

A source told the paper that Katie is understandably disturbed by these reports.

“Katie is sick to the back teeth of people making her son the butt of tasteless jokes.

“These are grave allegations. Police officers are expected to take any hate crime of this nature with the utmost ­seriousness.

“The powers that be need to get to the bottom of this,” the source said.

Harvey, Katie’s firstborn child, has Prader-Willi Syndrome, is partially blind and autistic.

ED! has approached Katie’s reps for comment.

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